RCS Business Messaging helps Club Comex increase revenue 115% over SMS

Club Comex is the loyalty program for Comex, the fourth-largest paint manufacturer and distributor in North America. Club Comex is open to all Comex customers and provides benefits that range from cashback and exclusive promotions to training and certifications.

Mexico City, Mexico


Club Comex, the loyalty program of North American paint brand Comex, worked with Infobip, a leader in global omnichannel communication, to deliver two rich and interactive mobile campaigns to club members via RCS Business Messaging. The campaigns resulted in a 115 percent revenue increase and clickthrough rate up to 10x higher than previous text-only SMS campaigns.

The Challenge

With over 4,000 points of sale, Comex is North America’s fourth-largest paint manufacturer and distributor. Club Comex is the company’s loyalty program.

For years, Club Comex reached out to members with SMS campaigns to share information, offers, and discounts. SMS allowed Club Comex to reach a large number of people, but the text-only messages resulted in low clickthrough rates of just 2 to 3 percent.

Club Comex wanted a more engaging way to connect with customers—and one that was more representative of the colorful Comex brand. They decided to test RCS Business Messaging to share rich, visually-impactful and branded messages featuring images, audio, and video, and that allowed for interactivity with club members.

The Approach

In April 2019, Club Comex collaborated with a leading global omnichannel communication company, Infobip, to design and implement two RCS Business Messaging campaigns. Club Comex partnered with ]Infobip\ as they’re the world’s largest messaging network, with over 7 billion devices reached.

Together, the companies launched two campaigns to engage with Club Comex members across Mexico. The campaigns were spaced two weeks apart and ran for three days each.

The first campaign, Regalón Regalitro, was sales focused and offered customers a free liter of paint for every gallon purchased. Club Comex wanted to test the sales impact of sending customers messages with branded content and images as compared to text-only SMS.

The second campaign was a lead nurture campaign run in partnership with Mexico’s only interior design magazine, Sensaciones. The goal of the campaign was to inspire people to rethink their home decor. Club Comex sent members a series of messages with articles, stories, and design tips from Sensaciones and brought them to life with images, video, audio, and web links.

Club Comex Club Comex

The Results

When Infobip and Club Comex analyzed the results, they saw that the first sales-focused campaign resulted in a 115 percent revenue increase over the previous year’s SMS campaign and a jump in clickthrough rates from 3 percent to 7.9 percent. The Sensaciones lead nurture campaign had no SMS comparison, but resulted in a clickthrough rate of 20.6 percent— approximately 10x the average SMS campaign performance.

Based on the success of these two campaigns, Club Comex has continued to run RCS Business Messaging campaigns, launching one a month since April 2019. Starting in 2020, Comex is using what they’ve learned from Club Comex’s experience to implement RCS Business Messaging campaigns for their own marketing needs.

Sales campaign


Sales campaign


Nurture campaign


“Switching to RCS Business Messaging helped our customers easily understand our value proposition through photos, videos, and interactive buttons.”

— Rebeca González Huerta, Senior Marketing Manager Loyalty and CRM