Bodemer Auto revs up mobile engagement 17x with Black Friday deals

BodemerAuto launched a rich, interactive RCS Business Messaging campaign on Black Friday 2019 to increase customer engagement on mobile during the holiday season. Created with solution provider Digitaleo, the campaign delivered a remarkable 17-fold improvement in clickthrough rate (CTR) versus a comparable, concurrent text-only SMS campaign.

Normandy and Brittany, France


Founded in 1926, BodemerAuto is a family-run business and a leading automotive retailer in France. Through their 35 dealerships in Normandy and Brittany, they sell new and used cars, car parts and accessories, and offer repair services and maintenance.

The Challenge

BodemerAuto was looking to refresh their marketing campaigns to increase engagement and create meaningful brand interactions with their customers. “Our clients started demanding rich media for their marketing campaigns a long time ago, so we recognized the potential of RCS Business Messaging early on,” shares Martin Briantais, product marketing manager at Digitaleo. RCS Business Messaging would allow BodemerAuto to display products and services, communicate with customers, and gather customer data for future campaigns.

The Approach

BodemerAuto and their solution provider Digitaleo decided to launch their RCS Business messaging campaign on Black Friday, at the start of the holiday shopping season. The brand and solution provider tapped Infobip, a leader in global omnichannel communication, to enable the campaign. The communication included a rich visual carousel with six choices, from a mini electric model to minivans and SUVs.

When customers chose one of the options, they could click through to the website and learn more about their specific selection, or click “Contact” and make a call to sales support. A follow-up message offered ways to explore their selection further, such as showing more SUV offers.

The Results

With a CTR of almost 7.7%, BodemerAuto’s RCS Business Messaging campaign improved customer interactions 17x, as compared with a concurrent, text-only SMS campaign.

Not only were the immediate RCS Business Messaging results impressive, but the campaign also provided BodemerAuto with actionable data. The company was able to glean information from message interactions to build customer profiles that they will use to create more precise, personalized ads.

“We’ve seen how helpful RCS Business Messaging is in gaining insight, as we have greatly increased our customer data,” says Antoine Bourdy, marketing manager at BodemerAuto. “This will be instrumental for targeting future campaigns.” Moving forward, Bodemer is interested in testing RCS Business Messaging campaigns with upcoming promotions and for after-sales service.


Almost 7.7%

"We are delighted to see more customer engagement thanks to actionable buttons and offering a variety of vehicle choices in our campaign. We got 1 click for every 13 RCS-sent messages. In comparison, with SMS we got 1 click for every 220 messages."

— Antoine Bourdy, Marketing Manager at BodemerAuto