Better business messaging with RCS

Millions of businesses already rely on SMS to communicate with customers. Credit card fraud alerts, flight status updates, and package delivery notifications are common examples of business to consumer SMS. These business SMS messages reach billions of people but offer a very basic experience both for consumers and for businesses.

RCS business messaging uses RCS (Rich Communication Services) to upgrade business SMS with rich media, interactivity, branding and better analytics. With RCS business messaging, businesses can engage mobile customers in new ways with more useful and dynamic messages.

Verified Sender Customized Branding Rich Media Suggested Replies and Actions

Early Access Program

Google’s Jibe RCS platform and Android Messages app now support RCS business messaging. We’re launching an Early Access Program for RCS business messaging so that messaging solution/platform providers and mobile operators can:

  • Start learning and building with the technology
  • Influence the roadmap and standards
  • Be early to market

Sign up below to learn more about the Early Access Program for RCS business messaging. Companies can also get started by contacting messaging partners who are participating in the Early Access Program including 3C, Aldeamo, CLX Communications, CM Telecom BV, Experian Marketing Services, ICF Olson, IMImobile, Impact Mobile Inc., Link Mobility, MessageBird, mGage A Vivial Company, Mobivity, Movile, OpenMarket, SAP Digital Interconnect, Silverstreet, Take, Tiaxa, Vibes, Vonage through Nexmo API Platform, Waterfall, Zenvia, and Zipwhip.

Note: Signing up does not guarantee admittance to the EAP.

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